Telephone Systems

Telephone Systems

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Many years experience

Delivering telecoms services

Oxford Telecom strives to deliver a unique service specialising in your telecoms needs. With manys years experience in installing data cabling from cat5e cables to multimode and singlemode fibre you get the guarantee that all our installs are completed and tested to industry standards. With indepth knowledge in core network equipment we can offer a reliable I.T support service covering your PCs, Servers, Firewalls and any network equipment you rely on. We also have many solutions on providing the best Wifi coverage to suite your office or home.

What data cable do I use ?

This all depends on your current network, the future requirements and cost. If you need a simple link to connect a low network demand PC you might choose a low cost Cat5e. You may be linking serverrooms or have high network traffic on network links so you might want to look a Cat6A. But with this comes a high install and equipment cost

Is it cost effective

Cost can often be an aspect of any new install and it is always important to be considered whether you have a small or large budget. We never try to upsell a product which is important because a higher grade cable can have higher installation costs. If you have low network demands you don’t need the highest performing cable like Cat6A. We only advise on what will suit your needs and current network best and are happy to survey to get a better understanding.

Is it installed properly ?

Any professional install should be tested which is exactly what we do. We will test the structural integrity of the cable after the install and test the performance of the link. This not only reassures you that you have had a quality install but also gives you peace of mind that it’s going to be fast and reliable throughout your network