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Delivering exceptional telecoms

Oxford Telecom strives to deliver a unique service specialising in your telecoms needs. We provideĀ data cabling expertise which including Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A, all to the industry standard. Bespoke business telephone systems which keep you connected to your customers. Fibre optic services which include all multimode and singlemode installations. With a complete solution that is professional and personalised to your needs, there is nothing stopping you getting in touch

Get the right data cable installed the first time

Structured Network Cabling

With any new install the 2 most important aspects are, is the cable right for your network and will it be installed to industry standards.

We will look at your current network and advice on a top install which will suit your needs best. We take into account cost, future expansion and resilense. Becuase we will be doing the install you will know its to industry standards and will provide a resilient fast network

  • Cat5e
  • Cat6
  • Cat6A
  • Testing and fault finding
  • Emergency Repairs

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If your after some help full advice, new data cabling or telephones or just want a chat give us a callĀ 

Data and Network cabling

Utilising Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A we will install the ideal solution to suit your network needs, It could be a single data point or thousands. Each one will be expertly completed

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Fibre optic cabling

We install and Fusion splice multimode and singlemode fibre optic cables with the latest technologies. We can advise on the ideal solution and we also offer emergency repair services

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Telephone Cabling

Some times a telephone line needs moving or an extra extension to another room. A large mutli core copper might need installing to connect up two locations. We can asses you current infractructure and plan for future expansion

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The fastest cable around

Fibre optics

  • Multimode: OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4
  • Singlemode: OS1, OS2
  • Fusion Splicing
  • Testing and fault finding
  • Emergency Repairs

Fibre optic cables have unparalleled speeds which are why they are used as a backbone network linking buildings, server rooms and equipment. It has become more popular and is widely used for many more networking connections and applications. Modern networks require top speeds and our fibre installs will give you just that

Keeping you connected

Business Telephone Systems

With many years experience we have seen the industry change from traditional line based analogeand digital systems to modern IP and VOIP base solutions. Becuase of this we have a huge amount of knowlegde in both traditional and modern solutions. So if your upgrading your current business telephon system to IP or adding and expanding on your current digital PBX system we can help