Data Cabling

The backbone of any network relies on a resilient cable install

Oxford Telecom network and data cabling

Structured Data Cabling

Reliable network cabling is what we do best. We install structured cabling networks throughout Oxfordshire and the surrounding counties and we always like a challenge, from a couple of extra local RJ45 cat5e outlets to several hundred cat6A outlets in an office new build. All our cabling comes with a 25 year manufacturers warranty, guaranteed by the Excel Network Technical Team, installed by properly trained and accredited engineers.

Many years of experience has taught us that customers have three main queries

What data cable do I use ?

This all depends on your current network, the future requirement and cost. If you need a simple link to connect a low demand PC, you might choose a low cost cat5e solution. You may be linking server rooms or have high network traffic on network links so you might consider Cat6a. With many years of experience and training we are happy to advise on the correct product for your needs

Is it cost effective

Cost is always and important aspect of any new install no matter the size of your budget. We never try to upsell a product because a higher-grade material will inevitably lead to higher installation costs. If you have low network demands, you will not require the highest performing cable. We only advise on what will best suit your needs and are happy to offer a free survey to gain a better understanding of your requirements


Is it installed properly ?

Any professional install should be tested which is exactly what we do. We will test the structural integrity of the cable after the install and test the performance of the link. This not only reassures you that you have had a quality install but also gives you peace of mind that it’s going to be fast and reliable throughout your network. This comes with labelling, site plan and  25 year manufacturer’s warranty as standard

Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A

What's the difference

Did you know that


Cat5e is the most cost effective data cable. It supports 1 Gigabit connection and is ideal for most installations with low demands on the network

Did you know that


Cat6 installations have a higher cost but it provides a reduce in cross talk and noise and can support 10 Gigabit connection up to 55 metres

Did you know that


Primarily used for backbone network cabling Cat6A is becoming more popular in installs due to its TRUE 10 Gigabit connection up to 100 metres