Fibre Optic Cabling

The backbone of any network relies on a resilient cable install

Use light to get the best speeds possible

Fibre optic cables

Fibre optics have become very popular because of its astonishing speeds and bandwidth capability, which no other product can compete with. Using the latest installation equipment, fibre optic installs are cost effective and highly efficient.

When installing fibre, the quality and care of the install are critical to achieve the highest possible potential of the cable. To that end all our engineers are highly trained, very experienced and are able to offer a 25-year warranty on all installs, as standard. This warranty is underwritten by the Excel Technical Support Team.

. We install and repair fibre in Oxford and the surrounding areas. We can also offer an emergency fibre repair service for when you are really in trouble.

OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4

Multimode Fibre Optics

Multimode fibre is used for high bandwidth, high speed connections over short distance

OM3 1500 / 2000 MHz·km
1Gbase 550 metres
10Gbase 300 metres
100Gbase 100 metres

OM4 3500 / 4700 MHz·km
1Gbase 550 metres
10Gbase 400 metres
100Gbase 150 metres

OS1, OS2

Singlemode Fibre Optics

Singlemode fibre is used for high speed connections over long distances

10GBASE 2 kilomtres

10GBASE 10 kilometres

Fibre Optics Advice

We can advice on the on which setup will best suit the network
The technical part

All the Fibre Optic Specs and types


OM1 fibre is a legacy product which is normally being replace with OM3 or OM4,


OM3 fibre depending on your requirement is the most cost effective fibre install. With a high bandwidth and high speed at short lengths it will leave space for your network to grow. Supporting 100mb, 1GBASE 10Gbase and 100GBASE connections


OS1 fibre is commonly used indoors and support 10GBASE up to 2 kilometres which out performs multimode fibre over distance performance. comes in tight buffered fibre.


OM2 fibre has a better construction than OM1 but is still limiting a modern network and is normally being replace with OM3 and OM4


OM4 fibre is a better contructed fibre to OM3, with the improvements it has a higher bandwidth over a further distance. It has a higher price than OM3. Supporting 100mb, 1GBASE 10Gbase and 100GBASE connections


OS2 fibre out performs any other fibre over long distances and can support a 10Gbase connection up to 10 kilometres. It has a higher cost than OS1 and is constructed for outdoor use. Comes in loose tube and blown fibre.